The gathering dusk

Et voilà !
The gathering dusk est enfin en ligne...
The gathering dusk from GatheringDuskTeam on Vimeo.


Amy Brutton : Direction, Organic design, Modeling, rendering, and cloth simulation

Yann Drevon : FX Co-director, Compositing, Scripting, Simulation, Musical Supervisor.

Audric Escales : Direction, rigging, animation, compositing

Wiliam Ohanessian : Set modelling, texturing, rendering, lighting, compositing

Raphael Tillie : FX Co-director, Jungle & Environment Design and Rendering, Simulation

Drums: K-Roots

Official Selections & Screening :

-Festival National du film d'animation à Bruz 2012
-Effets Stars
-Istanbul Animation Festival
-ANIMA 2013, 32ème Festival du Dessin Animé et du Film d'Animation de Bruxelles
-Cortoons Festival (Rome)
-Rencontres-Audiovisuelles de Lille
-European student films at the Holland Animation Film Festival 2013
-Future Film (Bologne)
-BISFF (Corée)

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