I'm a 3D character animator and a director of animation movie.
I always wanted to tell stories and to give life to things.
I discovered the power of animation at school and it was the revelation : What a better way to express feelings or emotions than animation ?
After working for a few years as a character animator  in advertising, tv show and video clip, I'm now working on feature films (dreamworks's captain underpant and Paramount's Sherlock Gnome).
I study acting through books and movies and I took acting lessons in a theater company of improvisation to improve my animation skills.
Besides, I also work my techniques in personal projects. I try to get a better understanding of the director's needs in directing my own short movie.

I put all my knowledge to deliver the best work I can, whatever this is, don't hesitate to contact me, I will answer you.

This is my last demo reel : (last updated on Sept 2017 )

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